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Cleaner clean face wash 6oz


  • Manufactured by: Basis
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    Gel rửa mặt 100% oil free và soap free dành cho da thường đến da dầu,
    Do you shy away from any skin-care product with "regimen" in the name? If you're tired of complicated, expensive facial treatments, it's time to turn to a simple, effective face wash that's part of a low-maintenance routine. Here's the answer: a pleasing tube of clear cleanser stocked with gentle botanicals, such as mint, lemongrass, and chamomile, that you lather up with, and rinse off. That's it ... no muss, no fuss. Just clean skin.
    deep cleans + refreshes.

    100% oil-free and soap free gel with gentle botanicals foams away makeup, dirt and pollution fast from clean, refreshed skin.

    This clearly invigorating foaming face wash dissolves away dirt and makeup.

    100% oil-free and soap-free.
    Gentle botanicals clean and clarify. Refreshing mint, purifying lemongrass and soothing chamomile leave skin simply clean, simply glowing.  Just right for normal to oily skin.
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